Repair your phone to save money and help save our planet

Repairing your phone instead of replacing it will not only save you money, it can help save our planet. According to US Public Interest Research Group, “Americans purchase some 161 million new smartphones each year… If we held on to our phones one year longer on average, the emissions reductions would be equivalent to taking 636,000 cars off the road and would reduce manufacturing material demand by 42.5 million pounds per day.”

Easy Phone Repairs of Bryan – College Station not only fixes phones fast and with the best quality parts, we can also repair parts that other shops would replace. Not every repair shop can perform micro-soldering repairs to logic boards and components inside your electronic devices, so they will discard and replace damaged parts instead of repairing them. Because our phone repair techs have the equipment and training to perform micro-soldering, you save money by not needlessly replacing parts and do even more to save natural resources and our environment when you choose Easy Phone Repairs.


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