PS4 HDMI Port Repair in Bryan – College Station

The HDMI port on the PS4 is a common weak point in this game console. HDMI ports are one of our very common repairs. These ports are very integral to the system since that is what the vast majority of people use to connect it to the TV.

PS4 Faulty HDMI Port symptoms

  • Let’s look at some common symptoms of bad ports:
  • If your PS4 turns on and the white light comes on but there is no picture on the TV…also known as the White Light of Death
  • Bent or broken pins inside the HDMI port
  • The TV might say “no signal” or something similar with the console hooked up via the HDMI cable
  • A crooked port or one that looks like it’s been pushed in further than it should be

How to fix a PS4 HDMI Port

The ports on these consoles can be extremely difficult to repair unless you have expert level soldering and electronics repair skills. They are soldered onto the motherboard with 4 main pins with lots of solder, then they also have 19 very small pins that also have to be soldered onto solder pads on the motherboard.

The only good and permanent fix for a bad HDMI port is to replace the entire port. Some of them just have pins that have been pushed back so they no longer make contact with the pins on the cable. Even though many times you can push these pins back, there is no good way to keep them there. The whole port needs to be replaced in order to fix this permanently.

Easy Phone Repairs of Bryan – College Station offers an HDMI Port replacement that is reliable. We have the experience to repair your PS4 correctly and quickly the first time. We fix thousands of these and have a great track record and a 99.5% success rate.


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