Important Consumer Information about Sour Apple Repair in College Station

Bryan - College Station Repair Pros

Sour Apple Repair has seen its share of controversy. Following are a few of the College Station shop’s most notorious statements and actions.

Aggies, Aggie Parents operating College Station business falsely labeled “Longhorns” in Sour Apple Repair’s disinformation campaign

“Our plan as Longhorns is to come to Aggieland and rip-off a locally owned and operated Aggie tradition by stealing their branding and confusing their customers,” is a false quote invented by the creator of the above graphic. It is sarcastically attributed to Sour Apple Repair’s newest (Aggie-owned) competitor.

Howdy! Gig ’em! The Aggie Ring! Aggie traditions. Those who love maroon and white hold tradition dear. Faced with a new competitor, local phone repair shop Sour Apple Repair attempted to tap into Texas A&M’s well-known love for tradition by declaring itself a “locally owned and operated Aggie tradition.” The same messaging also cast the new College Station phone repair shop across…

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